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Sylwia's shoot ...  " the SET UP " ...   Yes, that's my new FourSquare Softbox on the right  (four sb900's and radio TTL RP PX triggers ... this time set up in manual mode)   :)  ... also a new Einstien strobe in back of it which lit the room (model light was on, so we could see, it was getting dark in there)  ....  I put the next shot on my site lol   ...  so now you know the rest of the story  f5, 1/125, iso200  ... four flashes at 1/8 (with 1/8 CTO), and the back flashes at 1/4  ... and yes, I did shoot her in a Hot blue short dress as well :)  ....  seriously,  she Rocked this shoot!<br />
  ....        Photographer Ross Hamamura,    <a href="http://www.RDHphoto.net">http://www.RDHphoto.net</a>"